What is the impact of Saudi women driving upon Saudi economy?

According to the general authority of statistics, there are 1.3 million foreign drivers working in Saudi Arabia.
The impact of letting Saudi woman drive is still to be, after king Salamn Bin Abdul-Aziz decided to consider and to consult about letting Saudi women drive cars, on the economic and social field. Moreover, there is agreement that there will be instant benefits for that historical decision.
The banker and economical analyst, Fadl Al-Boaneen that letting Saudi women drive will help in working sector because it will remove all the barriers and difficulties of transportation for women, hence will help them to work properly and practice their commercial authorities effectively. He stressed on that this will lead to a reduction in the house working costs, as most of the house working costs goes for drivers which will lead also reduce the costs of Saudi families, he said that " those saved costs will go to fulfilling Saudi families main needs.

Pros and cons of the decision
The Saudi expert referred to that there are three sectors will fain many benefits from this decision, he said "car sales sector, banking, insurance, and financial sectors are the most benefited sectors among all", but he expects that there ar also some sectors will be harmed by this decision, for instance Ober and Kareem cab companies.
Remeh Mohamed Al-Remeh, Head of public transportation authority, that the decision will save billions of Saudi Riyals which were wasted on educational transportation and hiring foreign drivers.

Foreign drivers drain Saudi economy
Media reports expexts that this decision would save more than 25 billion SR (6.6 billion USD) a year. Moreover, Saudi families spend more than 25 billion SR as an annual salary for foreign drivers, as, according to the  general authority of statistics, there are 1.3 million foreign driver working in the kingdom with an average monthly salary of 1500 SR ( 400 USD) .

New posts for foreign workers
There are possibility to reduce drivers posts in the kingdom, however there will be other posts available for those drivers related to their career, for example, mechanics which will be highly needed as it is expected that thousand of car will be bought for Saudi women after letting them drive cars.