Dollar records 17.6 pound ….. Saudi Riyal records 496 piaster

USD exchange rate remains stable before EGP on 17.6012 EGP for buying and 17.7000 EGP for selling, on the other hand, Euro records 20.7060 EGP for buying and 20.8276 EGP for selling.

According to central bank average prices, sterling pound records 23.8563 EGP for buying and 23.4950 EGP for selling, Japanese yen records (100 yen) 15. 6274 EGP for buying and 15.7194 EGP for selling, and Chinese Yuan records 2.6454 EGP for buying and 2.6603 EGP for selling.

As for Arab currencies exchange rate, Saudi Riyal records 4.6933 EGP for buying and 4.7199 EGP for selling, Kuwait Dinar records 58.2184 for buying and 58.2688 EGP for selling, and Emirates Dirham records 4.5971EGP for buying and 4.8195 EGP for selling.

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