Saudi deputy minister of economy regrets using ‘bankruptcy’ term

Mohammad Al Tuwaijri, Saudi deputy minister of economy and planning has clarified that using the term “bankruptcy” while discussing Saudi Arabia’s economic situation was a misjudgment on his part, and this statement has been controversial on social media. Al-Tuwaijri said that his statement, in which he said that further cuts are needed to the kingdom’s swollen public sector otherwise the country faces bankruptcy in three years, was based on assumptions, including oil remains at low levels and there won't be any more reforms."My expression "Bankruptcy" didn't come out right, and I can apologize to everyone about this mistake. "However, that does mean we are not having a structural economic problem.” he emphasized.

It is noted that, numerous Saudi officials' statements about the Saudi economy, the errors that occur, and measures to avoid bankruptcy, has been a topic of significant debate on social media. 

So that, "Saudia's bankruptcy expected in 3 years" hashtag is the most public hashtag on Twitter by activists from all over the world ,especially from Saudi Arabia.