Japan Announces its Renewed Support for Saudi Youth in the Field of Automobile Technology

The Japanese Consul General in Jeddah, Matahero Tamaguchi, announced that Japan has renewed its support of the Saudi-Japanese High Institute (SJAHI) to train Saudi youth in the field of automobile manufacture and maintenance for 4 years, until 2020. 

The Consul described Japanese-Saudi relations as special and unique saying that the countries are celebrating 60 years of such relations.
He greeted the Saudi youth at the institute who proved their competence in the field. He added that Japan is currently investing 2 billion dollars in petrochemicals in the city of Ra'bagh in addition to investing in Yanbu' Industrial City to produce Titanium.

The Institute today celebrated winning first place in the 13th International Saudi Skills competition, in the technology and maintenance of Japanese cars, in the presence of a delegation from the Japanese Ministry of Trade and Industry.

250 Saudi youth were divided into 3 groups from the early morning hours to take part in the competition which was supervised by Japanese experts and judges and top trainers at the Institute.
Salem Asmari, Acting Manager of the Institute, explained that the Institute is the outcome of Saudi-Japanese efforts to transfer advanced technology to Saudi youth. He elaborated that the competition coincides with the Annual Meeting of the Co-ordination Committee at the Institute where the development of all activities at the institute will be explored in addition to evaluating the Japanese support provided, since the institute is registered as part of the National Program for Industrial Collectives. 

The Consul General commended the ability and competence of Saudi youth in the field of automobile technology and maintenance. He emphasized that the competition is one of the most prominent in Saudi and the Middle East as a whole. He added that the Japanese Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry is an official supporter of the institute's project, after the end of support from the Japanese Agency for International Cooperation (JICE). 

He pointed out that Japan had moved from "Overall Coverage" status to "Joint Costs" status at the institute as follows;

1) A new format for technical cooperation was launched, as of 2013, based on shared costs as outlined by the agreement between the Custodian of The Two Holy Mosques and the Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzu Abi.

2) The new format was welcomed and Japan continued its cooperation in developing human resources in Saudi.

3) The process of applying the new format faces some challenges and it is essential that Saudi and Japan cooperate to execute the new format as soon as possible, to avoid losing this special opportunity.

He confirmed that around 250 students take part in the Technical Skills Competition held by the institute during February of each year. 
The Japanese Consul explained that (SJAHI) is a symbol of the steadfast Japanese-Saudi relations and embodies the close partnership between The Japanese Automobile Production Union (JAMA) and Japanese car distributors in Saudi (JADIK).

The institute offers guaranteed employment to Saudi youth upon graduation, while consolidating their abilities, developing their skills and improving their self confidence. For all these reasons the Institute was qualified to undergo fierce competition and to face the difficult challenges which are usually only undertaken by established technical universities and institutes.
He added: "The Annual Meeting of the Japanese-Saudi Coordination Committee, held simultaneously with the competition, during which the development of aspects in all the institute's activities are explored as well as evaluating the Japanese financial support offered".

The competition winners, Group D, were announced after the opening ceremony. The winning cup was awarded by the Japanese Consul and the Managing Director, in Japanese style, and the winners were photographed.

It is worth mentioning that the competition was attended by His Excellence Mr Mikihitu Morakame, Manager of International Trade Systems for Automobiles in the Japanese Ministry of Economy Trade and Production, Mr Yoshihero Yano, Deputy Manager of International Relations in the Japanese Union of Automobile Production also attended. 

The Japanese Consul General Mr Matahero Yamaguchi, as well as high-profile Japanese representatives and the owners of participating companies at the institute, and members of the Institute's Managing Committee, and working group members and the General Manager of the National Center for Strategic Partnerships at the Public Association for Technical, and professional training officials of participating companies as well as the students parents also attended.