Founding 5 Saudi-International Companies in the Field of Technology

Five companies affiliated with the Saudi Company for Technical Development and Investment "Taqnia", entirely owned by the General Investment Fund, signed five agreements in total, with a number of leading international companies in the field of technology and production for the purpose of founding 5 companies in Saudi specializing in the transfer and internalization of advanced technology and production in the field of army and civilian aircraft, satellites, radars, and clean energy, and in cooperation with the King AbdulAziz City for Science and Technology investing its output in related technical fields. 

The agreements included were as follows:

1) A Saudi joint partnership between Taqnia Flights and the American Sikorsky for the purpose of developing, producing and manufacturing the multipurpose vertical plane "Black Hawk" in Saudi. This company will participate in the transfer of said technology and manufacture to Saudi, and also in the training and qualifying of locals to specialize in flight science and technology, and will enable local specialist companies to benefit from the expertise of Sikorsky and other parts-manufacturing companies in the transfer of knowledge and expertise.

2) A Saudi joint partnership between Taqnia Air Travel and the Ukrainian Antonov Company for the purpose of developing and producing medium and heavy weight transport planes, as well as helicopters, required by the military and civil sectors, in addition to marketing them internationally, and developing freight planes to be used for several logistic purposes, including transporting military equipment and soldiers, for the purpose of medical evacuation, and aerial as well as maritime surveillance.

3) A Saudi joint partnership between Taqnia Space and Digital Globe US Company, for the purpose of producing and marketing several small satellites, specifically for scouting using space photography. This company aims to market 6 satellites, which King AbdulAziz City aims to precisely manufacture to a high degree of accuracy.

The company will also benefit from Digital Globe's collection of photographs, technical expertise, and its ability to distribute internationally, as well as from its relationships with large clientele of commercial satellite photographs and geographic spatial information. King AbdulAziz City will participate with its own capable manpower and advanced infrastructure in designing, constructing and releasing satellites, such that the City owns 50% of photographing capacity for those satellites, within the contact range of earth stations belonging to the City, (which covers the entire area of Saudi and surrounding provinces), while Digital Globe owns the remaining 50%, in addition to owning 100% of photographing capacity for those satellites outside the contact range of Saudi satellite stations. 

Taqnia Space will take responsibility for marketing the photographic capacity specific for the City. In addition to this the City, Taqnia Space and Digital Globe will share the revenues. The satellites are planned to launch at the end of 2018 or at the start of 2019 at the latest. The satellites will be part of a system (Worldview-1 Worldview-2) which Digital Globe are developing. This partnership (considered the first in international commercial spatial photography) will result in Saudi joining the leading countries in the field of remote sensing and satellite technology.

4) A joint Saudi partnership between Taqnia Safety and Defence Technology and the Turkish Aslslan Company in order to develop, manufacture and market systems and equipment for electronic warfare, radars and optical electronics, which are owned by Aslaslan, to Saudi and to train Saudi manpower in this field, in order to fulfill the long-term needs of the military and security sectors. This company will also provide development and maintenance services related to its field to the military and security sectors.

5) A joint Saudi partnership between Taqnia Energy Company and the US Sora Company -(one of whose founders is Professor Shogi Nakamura, Nobel Prize winner in the field of Energy Physics) - in order to manufacture and market LED lamps, one of the leading light technologies in the world. This company aims to build a factory for the production of LED lamps in Saudi. This will contribute to supporting the local production and transfer of related knowledge and training to local manpower in this field. The factory will produce all the constituent parts required including the chips. Such technology will improve the scope of lamp posts and will fix faults in traditional lamps. The new lamps will be 5 times more powerful than traditional lamps while using less energy.