A prominent decline in foreign investments in Saudi Arabia

According to a new study published by United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (OECD), "UNCTAD"; the total amount of foreign direct investments in Saudi Arabia dropped from 8 billion dollars to 7.4 billion dollars, which means a decrease of 4.8%. And globally, FDI inflows in the world increased by 36% (About 1.7 trillion dollar) which is the highest level of growth since the global financial crisis, But Russia has seen a marked decline among the countries of the world by 92%.

As for developing countries, flow of foreign investment  has reached  to about half a trillion dollars rate (which means an increase by 15% from last year). hence developing countries in Asia are becoming the most received for investment in the world, followed by the European Union countries and North America, according to the report prepared by the UNCTAD organization.

As for the European Union countries, foreign direct investment rate has risen to $ 426 billion in 2015, although the rate was low in the previous three years. United States of America arrived in the rate to increase to double four times from 2014 to reach $ 384 billion.

In countries with economies in transition periods such as the republics of the former Soviet Union; investment flows fell by 54%, affected by the geographical and political situation prevailing in the country, as regional conflicts have also led to doubling the effects of this economic deterioration. For example, rates of investment in Russia and Kazakhstan fell significantly, but that did not stop investors from participating in the infrastructure sector investments in both countries,  the Malaysian oil company acquired the shares of the gas supply company in Azerbaijan, in a contract worth up to two and a quarter billion dollars.

The initial report of the Organization of UNCTAD addressed the precise details of the investments in one hundred and fifty countries during 2015, namely from the beginning of the year until mid-January for the year 2016.